Cynthia Le shares her philosophy not through conventional words but through multidimensional usage of form which has limitless communicative potential. Le’s work has an underlining refined vitality and primordial quality. She is inextricably connected to her medium and proves that regardless of medium, art, in any form, embodies a form of consciousness. She explains that each medium has its own gravity, form, and presence. The production of art is an external activity and is reflective of something beyond the mind self. It’s in art that Le immerses herself in an expedition to experiencing deeper levels of being. Her artwork communicates consciousness on a visual level and is understood by those seeking to get a greater grasp of a broader reality. And through the realms of consciousness is where the objective world can be truly realized. She unites visual constructs with literary vocabulary. Le strives to give viewers a platform to ask questions on a collective and personal level. As a young woman, she was an ardent visitor of museum collections, looking at art work from different eras. This impacted her present work, making her work without boundaries of time. Her work is influenced teachings by Siddhartha Gautama, Lao Tzu, and Swami Vivekananda. Le’s independent artistic discipline is a result of her awareness of oneness to humanity.

1978 Born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
2011 Bachelor in Studio Arts Honors Degree at Hunter College New York
2012 Set up studio in HCMC, Vietnam

2009 December: “Hidden” – Group Painting Exhibit, Gala Royale Hall, HCMC, Vietnam
2010 April: “Perspective”- Group Photo Exhibit, Elbow Room, HCMC, Vietnam
2010 August: “Source” – 10 Group Mix Media Exhibit, Gala Royale Hall, HCMC, Vietnam
2012 February: “Spring” – Group Painting Exhibit, HCM Fine Art Association, HCMC, Vietnam
2012 March: “Go To” – Group Painting Exhibit, HCM Fine Art Museum, HCMC, Vietnam